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Caulfield Flowers

Why stop at cheap and cheerful? Sarah’s Flowers lets you have awesome and affordable Caulfield flowers.

A friendly community is 10km south east of the greatest city in Australia. It may be home to only 5,000 but we don’t settle for anything less than sensational at Sarah’s Flowers. Visitors come from around the city to the impressive Caulfield Racecourse with its world class calendar of events, while locals soak up the beauty of Caulfield's magnificent park. Sarah’s Flowers blends the best of these features with fresh and fabulous flowers that are the envy of florists around the world, and a service focused on doing our absolute best for the residents and businesses in our community. We hand-craft and deliver spectacular bouquets and arrangements six days a week offering a same day service where necessary, so you can easily and stylishly take care of all your Caulfield flower needs.

Choosing Sarah’s Flowers is like opening a door into a walled garden of overwhelming beauty. Our florists studio is full of the healthy colour and fragrance of the freshest flowers around. We make all of our arrangements on the day they're needed to ensure top quality and maximum freshness. There is no reason to look abroad when we have breathtaking blooms virtually on our own doorstep. You won’t find roses more divine than ours, with their delicate long stems belying a strength that holds the luxurious flower without dropping. We make full use of the lily’s versatility, including it the creamiest ice-cream shades in popular options like Deluxe Pastel Box, and flamboyant brights such as those seen in Colourful Box and Sunset Blend. With a collection of flowers that includes everything from elegantly exotic orchids to noble and long lasting native wildflowers, we have exactly what you have in mind when you decided you wanted to organise flower delivery to Caulfield.

Our catalogue of styles has been expertly designed to include an ambrosial choice for every occasion. We don’t do simply “pretty” or “sweet”, we do darling and delightful, sumptuously stunning, and decadently divine. You get the picture? We don’t stop creating when a bouquet looks acceptable, we keep doing until it’s awesome and absolutely amazing. Now, let us put our dictionary down and get on with telling you how you can get your hands on our fresh flowers. Ordering is as easy as a few secure clicks online or a quick call to us on the number above, it will take you directly to us where we can take your order and answer any flower related questions you have. If you’re out and about (or can’t be bothered getting up from your comfy chair) why not try our mobile site where sending flowers is as easy as sending a text, and a lot more impressive! Order by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday, and you can have same day service for our normal standard delivery rate. With Sarah’s Flowers you can have fresh and fabulous flowers delivered to Caulfield today. What are you waiting for? We have just the bouquet to make the day of your someone special.

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